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Thread: Swype Beta for Android News

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    Will it be possible to use Swype beta after September 14th? Swype beta is important for me because my galaxy note stock email has problems with the enter key of the regular Swype.
    Btw: I live Swype!!
    Greetings, script

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    swype keyboard is now available on Android play store which is a great news for fans, I have downloaded it and have recommended it to my friends as well.

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    Swype Beta ran out Sept 14 and was successfully running with russian and English language. Attempted to download FULL version at Google Store and it says "not a valid android device". Is there a work around for this? Thanks

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    maybe we will get the new beta with play store beta channel :D nice goodie

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    I also suggest to use android embedded beta channels to deliver the beta

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    this experience of being a beta for about 3 years with various devices, and now I have to buy it? (then not compatible) blah, samsung is starting to make me sick. next time, Ill avoid galaxy & go nexus. terrible final user experience. going to find a modded version for free that works. took me 3 min and I had a working version on my phone fully set up. took me 4x as long to register and type this.

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    How do I try SWYPE beta on my phone?

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    Currently, you can't. At the present, they do not have a beta program running.

    There is a 30-day trial at the Play Store.

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    When will it start again? I have the latest version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dev3_Swyp_e View Post
    When will it start again? I have the latest version.
    I asked to join the beta group back in August. Haven't heard a word, yes, no or anything.

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