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Thread: Swype Beta for Android News

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    Swype beta test

    Hello, I'm from Brazil would like to download the beta swype for testing, could send me the link poor favor! Thank you!

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    There hasn't been a beta release in ages. Basically, the beta program was shut down.

  3. There are plenty of great choices when it comes to a keyboard for your Android device, and Swype has long been a crowd favorite

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    Angry Capitalization still doesn't work

    It still is ... if you just stay with v2 and don't update to the latest version (v3.02), as it doesn't capitalize any more by swyping over the upper border.
    Aaah, right now a market update popped up: Obviously there was an update on March, 6th ... v3.04 ... trying ... still doesn't work. :(
    Although the support promised a fix months ago. But although even a version has been skipped, nothing has been fixed.

    Probably this outstanding feature has been dropped (although still mentioned in the manuals and tutorials).
    Very sad, esp. as this (and the swype for Copy 'n Paste) was my main reason over e. g. SwiftKey.

    But thanks god I still have an old apk ... thus reverting to v2.2.3 again.

    Kind of disenchanting to see that they still give a sh*t on user feedback. :((

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