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Thread: Kindle Fire HD 7" issues

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    Kindle Fire HD 7" issues

    I've noticed two bugs with Swype on the Kindle Fire HD. Anyone else noticed these and have a workaround?

    1. When using the Amazon apps, like the book store, Swype does not correctly fill text boxes, like the search field. The default keyboard and other keyboards where you select one key at a time work fine. But with Swype or Slide It you have to do double duty, selecting the letter, then confirming the letter in the autocomplete field for each and every letter. If you Swype out a whole word you have to confirm it in the autocomplete field, but then it only inserts the first letter into the text box. This problem seems exclusive to the Amazon apps.

    2. In landscape mode the menu bar cuts off some of the keyboard on the right side. This appears to be a problem with all third-party keyboards, however.

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    How are you getting Swype to open on your Fire HD?

    I have managed to sideload Swype beta, but the app will not actually open, nor is there a place in the Fire's settings to select a keyboard other than the stock one.

    Or, are you rooted? (I am not.)
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