I have an HTC My Touch 4G on T-Mobile, with built in Swype version
I used Swype on my HTC HD2 (rooted & flashed with an Android ROM), and it was the beta versions.
(So, If I am adding this in the wrong place or something, if you are going to delete it, PLEASE let me know.)

I am not sure how different the built in versions are, other than being older and not user up-gradable.

So, I finally figured out how to remove words from the user dictionary, but I am concerned the same words will return.

It looks like some words were not words I typed, but perhaps names from Facebook (which I did not actually type) or my address book, and email addresses that are probably in my address book from being imported from GMail, but not ones I've used in years (way before I even got this phone).
There were people's last names with all lower case letters and the first letter capitalized (Smith AND smith).
So, I was wondering where these came from, and now that I removed them, how can I prevent them from returning?

Perhaps some clues on where the words come from, and how it is decided whether to add them or not!

Thanks, and I REALLY do like Swype!