To Our Hinglish-speaking Friends,

Greetings from Seattle! Some members of the Swype team recently made their way to India for a whirlwind tour of this great country. You can read a bit more about their success here. Aside from meeting with end users, media personnel, and partners, our team spread the word of Hinglish input which is now available in the Swype Beta version! If you are a Swype Beta user and want to see Hinglish in action, just follow the steps below:

Open the Swype Beta keyboard and long-press on the Swype key.

Select "Language Options".

Select "Download languages".

Scroll down and select "Hinglish".

If you have not downloaded a language before, Swype will prompt you to "Accept" our Terms of Service.

After you click "Accept", the download of Hinglish will begin...

Tap the 'back' button and confirm that Hinglish is now enabled.

Return to the Swype keyboard and long-press on the Space bar to select "Hinglish" as your input language.

You are now ready to Swype in Hinglish - enjoy!

Not a Swype Beta user? Feel free to sign up at!

Happy Swyping!