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Thread: NOT FUNCTIONING IN A7272 HTC Desire Z.

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    Register and download the installer and everything went well, till the moment of use. The program is installed in the device, it was checked, but can't see it in the keyboard window, when trying to write something. Somebody told me to close the keyboard's phone,(it's a slide one) but it didn't work. Any help? Thanks in advance

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    How about a full reboot? Has this phone been able to run Swype before ?

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    Yhanks for your support Primetech. I'll let you know if it works.

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    Hi, I also have HTC Desire and I have the same problem. I've registered, downloaded and installed, enabled it, and it just doesn't appear when I have a keyboard situation. It also doesn't appear on the list of running apps. Moreover, I have Multilig keyboard that I used up till now, and it also stopped working. Help?

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    Okay, when your side out keyboard is closed, what pops up ? Nothing at all?

    When you long-press on a text field and choose Select Input Method, what is available and what works? (If Swype is on the list, how does it behave if it's chosen?)

    What version of Android are you running? Is it rooted? Is it a stock ROM or a custom one?

    Hopefully a developer can help you, I really don't know how much further my knowledge extends.

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