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Thread: Can Dragon be made optional for Swype, please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ubcjack View Post
    And we all know that we can pull down notification bar and choose input - google voice input that way. But this takes a lot more action than just clicking the microphone button. So please don't post this as a solution.
    That doesn't even seem to be available in Gingerbread (HTC Thunderbolt).

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    Let me choose to use Google voice recognition instead of Dragon

    I have an HTC Thunderbolt rooted running Ginger BreadRock V.26 2.11.605.5 (Android 2.3.4).

    I'm using Swype Beta 3.26.92D.390062.t0.10976.Americas.

    Many months ago, speech recognition accuracy seemed to be a lot better than it has been for me in the last few months. Very often I get multiple recognition errors and really weird texts when I try to dictate text messages. Finally I realized that the flame button in the Swype keyboard seems to be using Dragon speech recognition instead of Google.

    I want to go back to Google's speech recognition, and I would actually like to get Dragon speech recognition off of my phone so it doesn't take up space. Short of that, the flame button should be configurable to launch either Dragon or Google speech recognition. Please add these options.

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    I'd also like to be able to use Google Voice Typing instead of Dragon when pursuing the mic button in Swype.

    I'm not foolish enough to think this will ever happen, but since the request us out there , might as well show my support for it.

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    I'd just like to add my +1 to this. At the moment, I actually swap keyboards to Google Voice Typing using the keyboard notification, but that's slow and it would be much easier if we could simply choose to swap the Dragon button.

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    an option to switch the default behaviour of the Voice button between Dragon and Google would be much appreciated. Google's Voice Typing in ICS is pretty darn accurate.

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    Exclamation Choose Our Dictation

    I think we need the ability to choose which dictation type we'd like to use. Personally I think that the Speech to Text that Google implemented in ICS is much better than dragon dictation. I think we should be able to choose which one we'd like to use just like if you have more than one browser and you choose a default. Please comment and vote if you agree and maybe the mods will see this thread and take notice.

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    Notice taken!

    For the purposes of studying the data and feedback we get in Swype Beta, we include Dragon Dictation as the default dictation provider in all Swype Beta builds. To not leverage the massive user base we've got via Swype Beta would be a terrible waste of an opportunity! We'd love to hear from users regarding where Dragon Dictation is falling short.

    Feel free to post some examples here, or start a new thread in the Dragon Dictation section here!

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    Google voice recognition option

    Now that Googles voice recognition will be available offline, and offers several additional features. I think it is prudent to allow one to use the version of voice typing that one desires.

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    The biggest failing of dragon dictation versus Google voice typing for me is that with Google's implementation you can see what is being typed as you speak, with Dragon you have to wait until you're finished and hope it came out right.

    That said, the above paragraph was dictated via Dragon, and only had one word I had to correct.

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    Would be nice if you could turn this pos of all together. If you click it by mistake it sends everything you speak to it to swype servers for processing. EVEN IF YOU TELL SWYPE NOT TO USE YOUR MOBILE DATA. If you cant implement it on host please make it optional.

    Im so tiered of all these privacy violations. Its not clearly stated that everything you says to it is sent to them for processing...

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