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Thread: Can Dragon be made optional for Swype, please?

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    The fact that I can't use Google's voice dictation is the only reason I don't use this product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plexicle View Post
    The fact that I can't use Google's voice dictation is the only reason I don't use this product.

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    This is achievable with Xposed framework module SwypeTweaks. (Even shows microphone key instead of Dragon Flame when the replacement is enabled.)

    For those who are unfamiliar, some reference links provided, very easy mod, installed/resultant image included also: [image]
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    But I also want the voice input to be available as a long push option so that I can get to it, or the Google input as a long push option on the ?123 key, or some other shift-ish key without having the flame/voice key occupying a space close to the period key.

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    Dragon Professional is my lifeline to my computer, desktop software from Nuance. If you have never used it you have no idea as to what Dragon is! The intergration of Dragon into Swype IS THE ONLY REASON I'm not using A1 or SlideIT. I would bet the fact Nuance bought Swype was there faith in the two being the best of two worlds, when merged to gether.

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    Absolutely essential to be able to choose voice engine. Dragon is a joke. I'll probably use another keyboard if this is not changed pronto. I doubt can be improved enough pronto.
    Dragon, get a clue.

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    Being locked into Dragon is the reason I finally had to quit using Swype. Swype is absolutely my favorite Android keyboard, and I used it for years, initially as an included option on devices but eventually has a paid download from Google Play. But the full version from the Play store (Swype+Dragon) locks me into using Dragon for my voice dictation, which is such a detriment and doesn't compare with Google's voice typing that every other app on my device uses. I'm on the latest Galaxy Note (high-end, powerful device) running the latest app version, and Dragon continues to fail constantly, missing words, hanging, and not working without an internet connection. To me it is ridiculous to undercut and limit Swype (which is awesome) by locking it to Dragon (not awesome). It's so bad, that I suffer using alternate keyboards that I don't like as well so that I can use Google voice typing. So PLEASE give use the option to do what the other versions of Swype did -- use the Google voice input that's right there! Honestly, you could abandon Dragon and just use Google, though there seems to be an agenda related to Dragon (but that seems to be in their interest more that the users'), but PLEASE at least give us the choice! Thank you.

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    Nuance bought Swype to improve Dragon.

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    Hey Nuance, do you care what your users want? I bought Swype years ago (android 2.5-ish) but stopped using it because of lack of # row, then after you could no longer select google voice, because of this. I use it now because I'm rooted and use the xPosed modules for number row and google voice. What a waste, and what % of Android users are rooted - 0.5%? Big addressable market there!

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    Solved the issue myself since it's taken Swype 4 years and probably won't be fixed for another 4 more, you can use an automate flow to solve this, if the link gets removed the flow would basically check if the keyboard and microphone are active and open google voice, you can either recreate it yourself or get some help on a place like XDA.

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