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Thread: Swype Beta 1.0 - Important information for existing users

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    Swype Beta 1.0 - Important information for existing users

    Important Info for Existing Swype Beta Users

    How to upgrade
    You will need to download and install the Swype Installer to grab the new Swype Beta. *See below

    Step-by-step upgrade instructions:
    • You will receive a notification to upgrade to the new Swype Beta
    • Click on the notification to begin downloading the installer. Once your download is complete, click on Swype-Installer.apk and complete the installation.
    • Log in using your email and password. If you have forgotten your password click here
    • Follow the Swype Beta installation process.

    When done you will see two versions of Swype:
    The new Swype Beta will install alongside existing versions of Swype. This includes previous Beta versions and preinstalled versions. After the new version is installed we recommend that you uninstall the old Swype Beta version in Android Settings --> Applications --> Manage Applications. Go ahead and uninstall the Swype Installer as well.

    Personal Dictionary for Swype 3.92.x incompatible with Beta v.
    As you may have noticed, we’ve integrated Swype, XT9 predictive tap, handwriting, and voice recognition technologies and dictionaries. We unfortunately could not make all the necessary improvements to the underlying architecture of Swype AND maintain backwards compatibility with the old personal user dictionary. We have implemented a new personal dictionary structure (it’s smarter too!) which you’ll have to train again. We’ve modified the addition process and added new personalization options in Swype Settings > Swype Connect to make this easier. It’s pretty ducking awesome!

    Swype Connect changes
    We’re continuing to improve our keyboard and the connected component. Please head over to the Connect sticky to read our updates on Swype Connect policy.

    *You may ask "Why do we have to use the darn installer?" For the same reason you see two versions of Swype if you already have the old Beta on your device. There are over 200M devices with Swype pre-installed. The most popular devices have Swype pre-installed. Many of our loyal users bought phones with Swype, and have been asking to "Please, please make it so we can get the beta without rooting our phone!" The only way for us to to do that was to change the name of the application name space (an Android OS thing), and that prevented us from doing the normal OTA. We very much wish there was another way... But to allow everyone to install the beta if they wished it, we had to make this change, and use the installer. So, many people will be happy today, just remember that while you try to remember your old beta password, or reset it here. Best!
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