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Thread: Galaxy S2 post-ICS freeze/battery drain

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    Galaxy S2 post-ICS freeze/battery drain


    I recently updated my Galaxy S2 OTA to the UK Vodafone variant of ICS (4.0.3). Since the update, Swype (version has been crashing (screen freezes, then flicks between letter and numbers, I think with the stock Samsung keyboard showing up). It was also draining the battery - using up to 60%.

    I have had to switch to the (in my opinion) inferior SlideIT as it was causing me so many problems.

    A few other people seem to have this problem over at XDA forums.

    Any tips/info?



    PS I should also add that I've factory reset the phone, cleared the cache several times etc.

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    I've been reading about a lot of issues with users upgrading to ICS and then attempting to continue with their pre-existing version of Swype. Let me root around internally and get back to you on this.


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    Thanks David, much appreciated.

    Just FYI, I rooted my device, deleted all the swype stuff and installed the beta. It had the same problems, if not worse!

    I then hard reset, cleared cache, reinstalled the stock ROM, cleared cache etc again. Swype worked like a treat for 24 hours, I was delighted, then the
    crashes started again! I will try to post a bug log for you.

    Thanks again,


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    A bug log would be great! See our guidelines here, and feel free to PM me directly if you so desire.


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    UPDATE: Please see this post.

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