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Thread: Keyboard and suggested word screen pops up IN FRONT of input area

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    Keyboard and suggested word screen pops up IN FRONT of input area

    Keyboard and suggested word screen pops up IN FRONT of input area.
    Using HTC Incredible with HTC Sense

    By this what I mean is that when I receive an SMS and reply, the input area for my text becomes hidden/partially blocked by the Swype keyboard and even more hidden when the suggested words appear on top of the swype keyboard.
    Its a major inconvenience. This means I can't see the words that I'm typing - !!!!
    Kinda defeats the whole point of having an application like Swype installed.

    The work around that I have is to not reply to text messages are they arrive ie in the window that pops up, but rather, close the text message, then open the text/SMS application (in this case) Go SMS; and type a new text message in reply to the sender.

    I can send screen shots if you wish or post to youtube.

    Other than that, love Swype - its an excellent product. I had used it for a long time and then upgraded to FlexT9 (only because I've used Dragon Naturally Speaking for years and wanted the functionality of voice input). Uninstalled FlexT9 as the words it would default my inputs to were terrible (al instead of all, Ho instead of Hi etc etc). Such errors nulled the benefit of having such a program in the first place - ie by the time I manually changed all the errors in a simple SMS written using FlexT9, I would have been better off typing a text one letter at a time.
    I reverted to Swype and love it.
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    Several of us have submit this issue to them already. We are all waiting on a fix. It also affects the Friendcaster app. I've started using Swiftkey as a replacement. Luckily ICS allows super quick/easy swapping of virtual KBs so i just swap to Swiftkey if I'm replying to a text in GoSMS or am using Friendcaster, then I switch back.

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