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Thread: Capitalization no longer working

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    Capitalization no longer working

    Starting recently, I can't capitalize by dragging above the keyboard after the first letter of a word. When I do that, the visual trace gets stuck at the top of the keyboard and just moves back and forth horizontally, tracking my fingers movements, but refusing to go above the keyboard, and I don't get a capital letter. Has anyone else seen this?


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    Hey David,

    What is your Swype version?

    Instead of dragging horizontally, try shooting up above the keyboard and straight back down: this gesture should capitalize the first letter of your word. Let me know if you aren't having luck still... can you be sure to include the phone you are using, ROM info (if you've customized), and other information (such as if you are rooted or not, which application this is occurring in, etc.).


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    I think I know what he means. Capitalizing the first letter works fine, but suddenly I can't capitalize the entire word by looping above the keyboard. No matter what, it only does the first letter. I have to tap the Swype button then hit the up arrow to get all caps.

    I'm unrooted on GSM Galaxy Nexus. Swype version attached....

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    I am having the same problem as Sitinon32. No matter how many times i make a loop above the keyboard, I am not able to get full capitalized words. Only the first letter gets capitalized.

    I am able to edit to full caps by swyping "Swype button -> shift button" and selecting the full caps word.

    Hope that this is bug will be addressed soon.

    Galaxy S2 GT I9100 - unrooted
    Andriod 4.0.3 (recently updated from Gingerbread)
    Singtel (Singapore)
    Current Swype version
    Not sure which version I had when it was Gingerbread.

    Side note: It is possible to capitalise letters mid word. For example, "Home, hOme, hoMe, homE" are all possible depending on when I move above the keyboard. Not sure if this was possible in the previous versions.

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    It turns out Google deprecated some functionality in ICS that had been available to us in previous versions of Android. Therefore, we're working on some inventive ways to gather the horizontal axis above the keyboard. This is a known issue and will be addressed in future Swype releases.

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