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Thread: Personal dictionary sync

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    Question Personal dictionary sync

    I am really concerned in managing custom words, 'cause I write a lot of slangs and Swype is only 'fantastic' when all of those are added.

    However, for sample, when I install a new Cyanogenmod version in my Android; all that care and concern go to waste, and dictionary gets reset!

    Nowadays modern online services sync/store as most info as possible, so when you access your account from a different environment, everything is there.

    Swype Connect is definitely a good step in this direction, and its experience IMHO would be complete with personal dictionary sync.

    I tried using search in this forum (as this feature must be desired by tons of users, I guess) but didn't find a formal feature request post.

    Sorry for bad english,

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    Was my english too bad or am I really the only interested in this feature?

    Was this suggestion asked or commented before?

    There's no way I can buy this software knowing that when I install a new ROM all my dictionary and slangs management go to waste.

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    It doesn't work with Titanium Backup? But I want this feature, too!


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    Mate, this is a brilliant idea and would save the occasional headache for whatever reason. If i couldnt sync my bookmarks on my web browser or something along those lines I would be very annoyed. It takes a long time to craft a personal dictionary and to have this gone in a flash is very disheartening. +1 from me.

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