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Thread: German tastatur

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    German tastatur

    Hello all,

    i want use Swype in German but if i follow the link an the mail and type my account code in the swype installer I get only swype beta and swpye beta Japanese.

    Where I got the german version?

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    you can download additional languages after installing swype

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    I thought that would be possible, too. But unfortunately it's currently not
    After wiping my phone and trying to re-install swype I only got English and Espanol! There's no possibility to download any other languages. Unfortunately it's also not possible to upload any screenshots here, so you can have a look at this one: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34142700/swype2.png
    Some while ago I took a screenshot for a friend who couldn't install the german language. There it looked like that: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34142700/swype.png
    So the "Sprache herunterladen" (download language) menu entry has gone in the current installer.

    How could I get the possibility back to install additional languages? Uninstalled Swype and the Installer severall times, re-downloaded the installer, but with no success. That's driving me crazy!

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    Aaahhh...got it!
    You have to activate Swype first before installing additional languages - otherwise the menu entry isn't there.
    So choose "Eingabemethode auswählen" and then Swype. After that you should be able to download the german language under "Sprachoptionen". That's tricky!

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    Yup! If Swype isn't activated, we can't ping the servers for download of more languages.

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