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Thread: often end up with wrong word in message :/

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    often end up with wrong word in message :/

    hi all,

    generally liking current beta, but i find that i often have to go back through messages and reselect many words.
    often these are the same incorrectly guessed words. would be good if Swype could use previous word selections to improve its word guessing.....or is there a way to manually force this? was thinking of adding them to my dictionary to see if this improves things


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    Hi Dan,

    Although Swype does 'learn' from your input behaviors, improving accuracy is a never-ending effort for us. Also, as the words are already in the default dictionary, adding them to the user dictionary isn't be possible.

    We'll be releasing an updated beta build in the future, so stay tuned for tweaks that we're sure will improve your text input experience.

    Thanks for Swyping!

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    hi David,

    thanks for the reply - cool - looking forward to those updates

    i think the reason i find it tricky is because im still watching where im swyping rather than the word suggestions - i need to practive this more i think
    so it sort of give the feel that Swype has change the word after i think ive typed it in correctly - if that makes any sense


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    i'd like to reply on the topic with the same message for the language Dutch.

    The last updates all have been about english, spanish and so on. I'm a swype user since the beginning, but the last updates didn't add any accuracy for us dutch users, and with the latest version i'm more busy correcting my swyped words than swyping, which is really frustrating.

    Swype is fast and works great...when it works as supposed! So i beg you guys, please do something about the word prediction, because the fun of using swype is really gone sometimes!

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    I agree with stormsoul.
    on samsung galaxy s II switching from android 2.3 to ics in both english and italian the prediction got way worse.

    I used to swype without looking to what it came out because it was almost always correct.
    after installing ics typing with swype became impossible.
    often a wrong word, slower and what really made me go mad was that sometimes the guessed word was a rare one instead of the common word that I wanted to type.
    in the italian version on ics some words were missing but they were present in the previous version.
    a good thing that it was introduced are the accent letters BUT if I forgot to use the accent letter and use the normal one instead (which is common to do) then the word wouldn't be found.
    another tip to the engineers at swype. let the user choose the layout of the keyboard despite the language. when I swyped in french I went crazy because the keyboard is quite different from the english one.

    the bottom line is: I stopped using swype.
    it's a pity because swyping used to be much faster and less "brain demanding" than normal typing.
    not to mention that people that din't have it were amazed seeing me using it.
    I wish I could go back to the old version but by reading this forum it seems quite difficult.


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    I wish I could go back to the old version but by reading this forum it seems quite difficult.
    Let's be clear here: users are reporting issues after an update administered by an OEM, not Swype. After all, OEMs own the upgrade process; Swype does not control which versions are released by OEMs to end users. OEMs simply bundle Swype into the upgrade that they send to those individuals who have purchased one of their devices.

    Furthermore, each version of Swype we release to OEM(s) for pre-install and release are vetted by our QA, the OEM's QA, and usually the carrier's QA departments. In a nutshell, this issue reeks of one with the firmware update itself, not Swype.

    I encourage you to contact the OEM in question and report the issues that you are experiencing. In the meantime, please see this thread.

    Thank you!

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