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Thread: Because of the new version of Swype I can't use GO SMS Popup window anymore

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    Because of the new version of Swype I can't use GO SMS Popup window anymore

    Hi everyone

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this, but here it goes anyway.

    Since the last update, where you guys added Dragon GO as you can see on the print, now the keyboard layout is so big that it doesn't let me see what I'm typing.

    So I would really appreciate if someone could tell me where can I get (if it is possible) the preview version of Swype, or if the devellopers can in the next version add an option to choose between the two layouts. And it would be awesome if we could deactivate Dragon GO, it sure is a great software, but it doesn't support Portuguese of Portugal so it is pointless and no I can't turn off the suggestion horizontal bar because it is essential for fast typing.


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    I get the same thing (Nexus S, CM9 v7 ICS) but it also affects the stock android keyboard so I think it's more likely to be a problem with gosms not detecting the right amount of available screen area when the keyboard is visible?

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    I have the same issue but it also happens when typing in the browser and using multiple keyboards (stock, swype, slideit) but it seems worse when using swype. I have
    temporarily switched to SlideIt until a fix is found, but SlideIt sucks compared to Swype.

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    same issue on Glaxy S+. This is so annoying

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    Notice it also affects the Review options in the Android Marketplace.

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    I'm experiencing this issue on the Galaxy S II. I've not yet tried it on the reviews pages.

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