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Thread: Size of the keyboard on tablets

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    Size of the keyboard on tablets

    I'm using Swype on two handsets, 3.2" and 4.2". There I hold the smartphone with one hand and swype with the second (right). We own also two tablets, Asus Transformer (10.2") and Ainol Novo 7". On it, espacially in landscape mode I think the keyboard is good for typing but to big for swyping. I think, this will be not a big problem for you to compact the keyboard and position this in a configurable edge. The free room you can use for showing the proposed words and there will be one line more space on the tablet (and because the keyboard also can be smaller in the height, much more space).



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    I second this suggestion. I registered today JUST to make this suggestion!

    So far, I have hesitated to try it on the Galaxy Tab 2 (other issues aside) because from all appearances, the Swype keyboard stretches across the entire screen.

    One of the reasons Swype works so well on the phones is because the "keys" are very close together. Stretching out the keyboard on the 10.1 screen, especially in landscape orientation, seems to defeat the purpose, actually. I'm not particularly lazy (no, really!) I just like efficiency.

    Swype would do well to make the keyboard sit in a corner of the screen rather than fill the screen. Better yet, make it scalable by the user and allow the user to move it wherever they want it to go.


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    Our current tablet build does re-size. The re-sizable tablet has been available in Beta and on pre-install since Honeycomb came out.

    If you are in Beta and on a WXGA device, download it and give it a shot!

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