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Thread: swype has quit working properly!

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    swype has quit working properly!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, purchased 1 year ago. it is runnnig FROYO, firmware version 2.2.

    One of the main reasons I chose that phone was because of its Swype capability, rather than a mini real keyboard.

    I cottoned on to Swype quickly (and Swype to me), showed everyone who would look how great it was, and generally have loved it, to the extent I got my Virgin plan switched to free texting.

    HOWEVER, Swype suddenly (with no changes that I know of to the system) can't figure out what I'm typing. I turned on the path, and even with very simple words, it can't get it right.

    I tried adjusting the speed/accuracy setting, but no change. previously I could swype a word like 'unfortunately', and get it right in 1 try. beautiful! but now it is like I was talking a foreign language.

    what can I do to get my beloved Swype back ???

    thanks for any help,


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    bink99, can you tell us the Swype version you are using and provide a bit more information about the device? I wasn't aware the Vibrant was available on Virgin.

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    Hi David, thanks for your reply!

    the model number is GT-I9000M, baseband version is I9000UGJL2. kernel version is beneath whih it says shout.lee@sep-09 #3.build # FROYO.UGJL2.

    swype came on the phone, and is not listed as an app, never shows in 'updates available',
    it is listed as a running service, "process: com.swype.android.inputmethod" when I 'tap to manage' I get a screen giving me a choice between swype and samsung keypad.

    when I look in the android folder via 'my files', it shows a 'data' folder, which contains com.google.android... andcom.cooliris.media.

    attaching the phone to the desktop via mass storage, and doing an explorer search for 'swype' gives no results.

    I've had the phone for a year, purchased at Costco, and can't figure for the life of me why it suddenly doesn't recognize all my familiar patterns.

    hope this info can be helpful,



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    swype version

    HI David, I just saw for the first time at the bottom of swype settings, is a version number!

    sorry I didn't notice it before,


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    Still looking into this, will update with details as soon as possible.

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    thanks David, in the mean time I'm trying out Swiftkey X.


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    The behavior you are seeing is likely related to some things we encountered in all Swype versions prior to v3.0. Basically, in versions before 3.0 Swype would add new words to the dictionary automatically. As of version 3.0, though, a popup in the HWCL (horizontal word choice list) prompts the user to add words explicitly which helps cut down on the 'junk' words allowed into the dictionary.

    It's likely that your user dictionary is simply too full of junk words. To alleviate this problem, you can clear the app data for Swype by clicking:

    1. Android Settings
    2. Applications
    3. Manage applications
    4. All
    5. Swype
    6. Observer: you will see a "Clear data" button. If you press this, it will likely solve your issue but will wipe out ALL user-added words!

    As always, we don't control the Swype versions released via OEMs/wireless carriers - if you are still operating on Swype v2, get with your phone manufacturer and/or wireless operator and demand the latest and greatest Swype version!

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    thank-you, David; I've done that, now will re-test to see how it works.



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