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Thread: Using apostrophe in elisions

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    Angry Using apostrophe in elisions

    I just installed the new version of Swype and I noticed that the italian language keyboard has been renewed, but there are some new problems.

    The most important one is that is very difficult to write words with apostrphe for elision, a very common situation in italian since articles and pronouns are elided if the following word begin with a vocal.
    In the previous version some common elision were included in the dictionary: for example "anch'io" (that means "me too") was writable swyping on a-n-c-h-'-i-o alltogether.
    All other elisions, for example "quest'anno" (that means "this year") were writable swyping q-u-e-s-t-' followed by a-n-n-o.
    Now these method are no more usable: you have to write "anch'io" or "quest'anno" tapping letter by letter, because elided words are non present in the dictionary. Even if you add "quest" or "anch" to the dictionary, you have to separately add the following apostrophe.

    The other issue is that you have removed the keys of stressed letters (, , ...), that are very common, so you can write "gi" ("yet") swyping on g-i-a. This is ok. But if you have to write "" ("is") you can't just press "e" key, but you have to long-press it, and choose "" from the popup window. Two versions ago of swype stressed key were not present, but "" was present in the suggested words of "e" key.

    This two problems make using swype keyboard for italian language very unconfortable, and were not present in previous versions. Please fix it or I will have to move to another keyboard.


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    Hi Carlone,

    Thank you for your feedback! We value this very much.

    To be clear, we gathered various information from users on this forum and in other areas and decided to switch to Standard layouts (instead of National layouts) for a few languages - Italian was one of the languages on this list. From various inputs, including yours, we will be considering how to implement various language keyboard layouts in our next Beta release.

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    hope you consider roumanian

    (i tried to send you some e-mails with no feedback)

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