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Thread: Version 3.26.92D.37604 regression.

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    Version 3.26.92D.37604 regression.

    Okay, I updated Swype over the weekend and the new version is very much a regression. In no particular order of gripe...

    :: The orange is horrible. The blue fitted with my theme. I don't understand why you changed this. In any case, perhaps it could be configurable in the future?

    :: You moved the language button. I'm using the western euro version and the button was fine where it was.

    :: More importantly, the button no longer functions as it did previously. I have 4 languages selected, because I use all 4. However, I use 2 more than most and having the ability to flip between those two was really nice, quick and convenient. Now, swyping over the language button cycles through languages instead of flipping between the last two and I'm forced (by dint of the ordering) to always use the long-press to access the language I need. That's seriously FUBAR.

    :: Randomly on the home-screen and using maps or the browser, I get a pop-up telling me the swype needs to force-close. Often this pop-up clears itself, but often it doesn't. Either way, the previous version didn't have this bug.

    :: Bulk dictionary adds haven't worked since July 2011.

    Please stop tinkering with the layout. It was fine the way it was (I kind of understood the secondry key function layout changes of the previous version to be more in line with the Android standard, even if I didn't enjoy them). But please change the language key functionality and this random FC.

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    Absolutely no response?

    I'm still getting the FC and it's annoying.

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