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Thread: What will The Dragon do to Swype?

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    What will The Dragon do to Swype?

    From what I've seen in the past, Nuance has simply destroyed sliding keyboards and only recently (and insignificantly) offered a bare-bones alternative of its own.

    And now it eats Swype....really?

    First off, did the orange-line version of Swype really regress? E.g. it can no longer differentiate between proper and common nouns?

    Is orange really even a better color to use? Green is natural, blue is calming, and I have read very little about there being any positive use of the color orange except in making people hungry.

    Will Nuance destroy Swype entirely and immediately? Slowly dismantle it for their own purposes? Or are the sudden bugs simply random coincidence that nobody should take notice of?

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    While orange does relate more to Dragon and Fire, it actually has little to do with Swype and Nuance agreeing to play together. The decision to move to something other than blue was made before discussions with Nuance even started, as far as I know. We were actually a little late in actually applying that change to the beta, but ran into some problems. We're planning on allowing users to select whatever color they want for Swype, but the default color for the indefinite future will be Orange.

    I'm not sure what you mean by it's inability to differentiate between proper and common nouns as well. That was actually a problem with the last version which was fixed in this version. Can you give examples of what you're seeing? What's your version of Swype currently at? Latest version is 3.26.92D.37604.x

    Also the terms of the recent merger with Nuance are very different from when Cliff (our CTO) sold T9. Swype is not going away and the Beta is not going away. You have nothing to worry about.
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