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Thread: Can't download extra languages. Says "queued for for download.

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    Can't download extra languages. Says "queued for for download.

    Hi. When i try to download extra languages, Portuguese (PT) in my case, i always get "Queued for download". Looking at logcat output i get a lot of:

    SwypeApplication: handleMessage() of: MESSAGE_HOST_LANGUAGE_UNINSTALL

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    same situation here...
    Waiting for the download of german language pack (the whole day).
    Where can I stop the queue?? Dont want to waste my mobile data rate.

    Please... better keep your software simple!! Give the users a link to download the package what they need.
    All this OTA is really s... (sorry). Same procedure with the Update of Swype.
    You could provide this "feature" again, when it's fixed.
    Google Nexus 4

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    I forgot to mention i was also on Nexus S with ICS. Maybe this is related to ICS?

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    Stuttgart, Germany, Germany
    same here. sometimes i see the DL bar appear, but no progress happens and it eventually disappears again.

    Nexus S with manual ICS update.

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    Same here, cm9, German

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    same things here on Nexus S i9023 european running ICS 4.0.3 (official OTA), I'm dying to have latest swype version running properly and with italian language

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    Same here, running ICS on SGS.
    Can't download Hebrew language pack, using 3G nor WIFI.

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    Today in the morning found the news in the forum.
    I installed Swype again and then tried to download the german language pack.
    Think, you know what happened....

    Is this a joke? Are you really sure, what you are doing..?

    Give us back the previous version, p l e a s e!

    Is there any comment from "Swype" regarding this problem/feature?
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    Google Nexus 4

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    Same here.
    In the previous version it was possible to select what kind of language pack should be installed (european, asian...) but now no option for this.
    I uninstalled swype because I think it sucks the battery life (30 % in 1 hour!!) and maybe the data volumne.
    I'm using custom ROM Nexus Beam 4.0.1 from xda...

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    Same problem

    First tried Swype beta using the installer, this worked but refused to install the ota update (the one with voice typing). Kept hanging on'download'. Removed the installer and Swype, installed again. Now I have the latest Swype with speech input, but when I try to download languages it hangs again. Both on 3g and wifi.

    I think the refusal to it's update and download language packs are related and caused by ICS / Android 4.0.

    Google Nexus S with ICS.

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