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Thread: Can't download extra languages. Says "queued for for download.

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    Can't download extra languages. Says "queued for for download.

    Hi. When i try to download some extra languages - Portuguese (PT) in my case - i always get "Queued for download" but the language never downloads.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you're on ICS, downloads currently do not work. We're working on providing a solution, but at this time there is no official workaround.
    Rob Boehm
    Community Relations & Beta Associate
    rob.boehm [at] swype [dot] com
    Asus EEE Transformer | WiFi | 3.2 Honeycomb | Stock Firmware | Swype Beta
    HTC G2 Vision | T-Mo | 2.3.3 Gingerbread | CyanMod 7.0.2-Vision | Swype Beta
    HTC G1 Dream | WiFi | 2.2.1 Froyo | CyanMod 6.1.0-DS | Swype Beta

    Please note, I will not respond to direct emails and messages for support until I'm able to attend to EVERY post in the forums. Please be patient. Thank you :-)

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    I am running ICS under Google Nexus S and the problem remains. Cant download portuguese language.

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    I found the latest running version before this badly brought-up update again.
    Google for download swype 3.26.92D.36178.t0 apk
    Google Nexus 4

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    Same problem on Google Nexus S (ICS).

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    Problem is fixed in the latest version.

    Swyped from my HTC Desire S on CM9 using Tapatalk

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    Vertical dropdown word suggestion dilemma


    first of all, thx for ur hard work, swype rules.

    I just updated my beta on Nexus S / ICS and language downloads now work here, that's good.

    However, no matter which language I choose for typing (in my case I have tried Thai and German), the new vertical dropdown word suggestion menu only contains english suggestions so it's kind of annoying and/or useless for other languages because it pops up suggesting english words only, also when using german or Thai language.

    Especially annoying because in order to get to the alternative horizontal word suggestions in the language I chose that I would need to choose another suitable word, you need to click back every time the vertical dropdown appears to make it go away

    To be honest, I am not quite sure as to what this vertical dropdown menu actually tries to suggest as the words in there are generally not the same as in the horizontal one but in any case, there are english suggestions only

    Is there any way to deactivate this completely?



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    Hello,I have updated my Asus tf101 to ics and updated Swype but can't download Dutch

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    Hi Setebos,

    Can you please provide a screenshot of the "Vertical dropdown word suggestion dilemma" you've described along with the Swype version number?


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    Yeah, no problem, here goes the screenshot. The Swype version is 3.26.92D.38303.t0.8611.ENSP. Phone is a Google Nexus S on official Android ICS, 4.0.3.

    Here I’m swyping in German and when I want to change a word and tap on it/highlight it(in this case the word “teste”),
    this vertical menu appears, containing only English suggestions (no matter what swype writing language is active it seems).

    On the horizontal word suggestion bar, the words are in German but in order to get there you have to press back first to make the vertical menu go away and then select the new word from the horizontal bar and it is therefore tedious to use because you have to do it every single time when you want to edit a word.

    In English, it is also problematic because the words that appear are different and often useless compared to the ones in the horizontal bar so mostly you have to do the same thing, press back, make it go away and then pick from the horizontal bar.

    Also, this vertical menu doesn't appear every time you want to edit a word but most of the time it will appear and I have no idea what triggers it to be honest.

    Thanks for looking into it, also would be great if you could let me know if it the vertical suggestions can be deactivated,


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