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Thread: Option to change trace and suggestions color

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who share that sentiment. I came here to ask about color, but I was concern that perhaps I'm being too picky. I too agree, it should go in sync with ICS. Everyone (almost everyone) aspire to have ICS, and from what I read, whoever use it, love its new UI. The preloaded SWYPE fit in perfectly but the new BETA, is kind of out of whack.

    Secondly, the trace line lost its finesse, it's blur and large, looks a little bit messy and chunky.

    And while I'm at it. Please make the words in dictionary slightly smaller. They don't need so much space. I live in a country where every one uses 3 languages to communicate. Sometimes we Anglicize the Malay or Chinese words, making our own local slang. In matter on weeks, the dictionary is full of new words, and with this autosave feature there are some I don't always want to use and wish to clear.
    The scroll is tedious. It doesn't need so much space.

    That's all I guess...

    Have a nice weekends everyone,


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    Just registered to second, the t9 trace ripoff is far more visually appealing. I would just go back to it if this wasn't recognizing my words better than it.

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    My phone only goes as far as /data/data/com.swype.android.inputmethod/lib, from there my only option is to go back. Using Motorola Atrix 2, freshly rooted. Can anyone help?

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    I did all the procedure, with the difference that I don't have the file libSwypeCore. but libSwypeCore., because I have the last Swype Beta. Also found the hex value, 3 times in my case, and I tried to change the value in these 3 and no change was generated in the trace color. Can anyone help please?
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    The trace color is set using XML in the latest version, so the above procedure will no longer work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juanMcLane View Post
    The trace color is set using XML in the latest version, so the above procedure will no longer work.
    So, how is the procedure now? by the way, now I have the other new version of swype 1.3. Maybe it works the same because it look the same.

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    The new Swype Beta allows you to change your theme! This means that different themes display different colored trace paths.

    Go to Personalization > Themes and select whatever theme you prefer.

    Thanks for participating in the Swype Beta!

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    Thanks Jacob, you are right, the themes are nice. But respect the color of the trace paths they are only options of orange, magenta, red and yellow, but it's a pity that you did not consider the blue trace, or an option to choose the color of the trace.

    I know I know... it is impossible to please everyone.

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    the cloud theme had a very blue tracer

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedicemaster View Post
    the cloud theme had a very blue tracer
    Wow... how could I miss that? Well great, but I still don't have my dark keyboard with blue trace

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