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Thread: Option to change trace and suggestions color

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    With xposed + swype tweaks you can customize those colors

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    Quote Originally Posted by viva-yo View Post
    With xposed + swype tweaks you can customize those colors
    Looks awesome, but I am using a non-rooted company phone, so I have limited latitude for customization such as with root apps etc. Thanks though! I will keep Xposed in mind for my own device(s).

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    @Swype Developers/Decision makers: you are embarrassingly ABSURD and stubborn! (BTW, do ANY developers or decision makers)

    WHY- after SIX (6) years of asking, pleading & begging- do you still refuse to grant this simple BASIC request?! I would actually really appreciate a response of some kind (assuming anyone qualified to do so even looks at the forums. Because I'd really like to know why this basic customization feature has remained UNAVAILBLE for all these years.
    At this point your inexplicable, adamant unwillingness to offer alternatives is reaching the level of sadistic abuse.

    The keyboard has got to be THE most viewed UI element/item on a smartphone... There is MUCH evidence of the various emotional & psychological effects that colors have on humans.

    SO MANY of us users have expressed our dislike for orange
    - for some, expressing this was their sole purpose in going through the rigmarole & hassle of creating an account on this forum! Who knows how many other users do NOT like the orange trace color but have not gone to the trouble of saying so here (or don't even know that this forum exists- or just assume that it would probably be pointless anyway)
    Orange is known to be one of humans least favorite colors, for some the aversion can be quite intense! They CAN'T help/change that! Doesn't this thread demonstrate that clearly?

    Although a few themes are now provided with Swype (without extra charge), the variation & selection offered is PATHETIC! Virtually all of them retain the offensive orange trace color! And the only exceptions are very bright (I mean the background of the keyboard) or they do not display the long-press characters.

    All I want is a dark keyboard that shows long-press characters withOUT the orange trace path
    (ANY other color will do, something in the violet-green range would be ideal). That is NOT an unreasonable request or a lot to ask!
    Actually I really liked the color scheme of my very first Swype keyboard which came on my first smartphone (T-Mobile's Samsung Vibrant). It was a fairly dark keyboard with a pleasant greenish blue trace color. What was wrong with that? Why can't you at least still offer that ORIGINAL theme?!

    SERIOUSLY!?! It's been six freaking YEARS... Come onójust give us some control of the trace color already!

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