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Thread: poor swype experience since last update

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    Thumbs down poor swype experience since last update

    Im a swype user since Ive got my Galaxy S from Orange, France. I had a great swype experience with stock version with French, Romanian, English. Then I changed ROM to Darky ROM 10.3 and lost my stock swype. Since the Im on beta. The first beta I tested (the version just before this one) was really good in French and English, but no Romanian though. Now, in latest version we have also Romanian, but the whole swype experience in French and Romanian is really poor. Basic words dont get recognized, like a (it in French), it is really annoying. In Romanian, the word recognition is 3 times worse than with my original swype version and makes the language rather unusable and useless.
    I cant understand how you could regress so much on the basics of swype, with is common words recognition. The dictionnaries are so poor now in Fr, Ro. The dictionnaries are like Googles data bases, the precious vault.
    Please remember that many of us have Swype licence from the original swype version and came to beta after OS change so DONT CONSIDER US AS YOUR TESTING PIGS, testing your junk versions !


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    I'm guessing that the previous version French in Swype did not have an independent key for like the new version does. I'm able to Swype a without problems when tracing from the key. I think I remember something like this happening before. Going to move this to the language forum to make sure the right people see it. :-)
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    True, now we are forced to use the special characters to spell some words. Now that I'm more used to the new version it is more ok. Still, it seems that previous version worked better for me. For instance, you want to type in fr '', you don't have the special key so you type 'a' but it does not propose ''.
    Second weird thing, it suggest words that are misspelled, example: in fr, I swype e-l-e-m-e-n-t and it suggests 'lment' which is correct but it also suggests 'element' which correctly speaking does not exist; moreover, in some cases it suggests the no-accents version first.

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    You're correct. Previous versions of the French keyboard didn't have a specific "" key, which means that the behavior of the app when swyping "ca" to produce "a" or "garcon" to produce "garon" no longer work. Note that on standard French keyboards, "" is not a special standalone key either. It is on the top numerical row with "", "", "". Only "" has a specific key, but that doesn't really make much sense either as it is one of the least used accented characters. So why did you choose that "" should get this special treatment?

    In fact, there is no reason to have a specific key for "" more than the other French diacritics. It effectively makes it harder to swype words with "" because you have to keep remembering that "" is a special case that is handled differently from other diacritics, which does not make sense as it is really only used in a handful of words in the French language. "" or "" are more commonly used, but I don't think they deserve a special key either.

    Personally, I would rather not have any special keys for diacritics at all, and let the dictionary handle them, which is how it worked (perfectly well) before the keyboard change (in November I think). I believe that the key had "-" on it, which was absolutely ok with me.

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    it would be nice if one didn't need to use the special keys. and it would be even nicer if one could switch the language for the word prediction without switching keyboard layout...

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