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Thread: Deleting words from the default dictionary

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    Lightbulb Deleting words from the default dictionary

    The ability to delete words from the default dictionary is a feature that has been requested by many of our users, and so we wanted to address the subject directly, where everyone will be sure to see it:
    • In the past, our policy has been that we want to increase accuracy by improving Swype's predictions, not by giving it fewer words to choose from. We have focused on improving the quality of Swype's predictions, so that even when you find yourself in that one, unforeseen, strange situation where you want to use the word "schnitzel," or quote Shakespeare with a "thee" or "thou," you'll be able to, but still get high-quality predictions otherwise.
    • We are continuing to improve the Swype's accuracy, and the issue of "odd" words getting predicted will get a lot better when we release our Context Prediction Engine - announced recently at the Big Android BBQ in Austin, TX - which will use nearby words to improve suggestion accuracy based on context when Swyping. We don't yet have a firm release date for CPE, but it is in alpha testing right now, so it shouldn't be too much longer.
    • In addition to improving prediction accuracy we are also revisiting the possibility of allowing users to remove words from the default dictionary. We realize that every Swyper has their own quirks and technique, and some users may find particular words frustrating or commonly mis-predicted. Giving users the ability to suppress words that are particularly frustrating would go a long way to improving the experience for many users.
    • There are several technical and philosophical hurdles we must consider before we make a final decision, and there are many voices within the company that need to be heard and accounted for. But we hear you, and we will be giving this a lot of attention in the near future.
    So there you have it. Thank you for the overwhelming feedback we've received on this topic. You have been heard, and we will be giving this idea another round of discussion with all of your feedback in mind.


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    It may not have to be delete outright from the dictionary, but at the very least, suppress priority to the point where the word might still show up in the HWCL, but at the end and not be the default selection

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    Nope crimsona, just moving the erroneous word to the end of the list isn't good enough. I want to be able to get rid of it, and I thank you Brian for letting us know you have heard our frustrations. I can't tell you how infuriating it is to have the same ridiculous word show up again and again. It takes me more time to edit my messages than to type them. I can't wait until the new dictionary with editing capability is out!

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    Agree with greymare. I'd like to remove words completely from the default dictionary. Even though Swype is pretty decent now, whenever someone even sees a "WTF?!?!, how did it come up with that" word, all they can remember is how ridiculous Swype prediction is. If I want a weird word that nobody else uses, I'll add it to the user dictionary.

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    my gawd, could you at least delete "Getty" ??! it is driving me nuts!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyNeighbor View Post
    my gawd, could you at least delete "Getty" ??! it is driving me nuts!

    THIS... seriously, the most annoying word ever! Who even uses "GETTY"?! comes up every time before "get." It's NOT even a word! It's a name of some millionaire oil douche!

    Next on the list is "LSAT" instead of last... like come on really?! I want to break my phone when this comes up, not everyone swyping wants to discuss their LSAT scores...

    Additionally, when swyping "? " That is, a "question mark with a space" in order to begin a new sentence to follow "mm." pops up instead... at that point I am ready to throw my phone as far as I possibly can.... just let me swype in peace and coherence more importantly!

    I don't understand how some of these "words" are populated in the stock dictionary, I understand there may be compensation to get quirky words to help others out that may want something that is out of the ordinary. But I think I would rather be supplied with a pretty basic dictionary containing words, not names, that make sense, and let me add things if I want to.

    Also, I am aware that you can Swype around in a certain fashion, with "last" for example, to make a line around the "a" then to the "s" to the "t" rather than doubling over "s" to get to "a," but this is a convenience factor... and isn't this the purpose of swype... to type more efficiently and quickly?

    Sorry to turn this into a rant, but just wanted to reiterate on this and can't wait to see what you guys come up with to provide a solution, thanks for your time!

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    don't worry, a lot people share the same sentiments.

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    It's okay, I used to need this but at this point my friends know that "Utah" is an answer in the affirmative to a question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yojlik View Post
    It's okay, I used to need this but at this point my friends know that "Utah" is an answer in the affirmative to a question.
    HAHA, nice!

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    Every single time I try to text Corey I get cowry. At least I learned a new word...

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