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Thread: [DETAILS] Swype Connect, Statistics Collection, and Privacy

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    [DETAILS] Swype Connect, Statistics Collection, and Privacy

    Swype Connect and You

    What is Swype Connect?
    Swype Connect is the background service that brings you language downloads, automatic updates, licensing and statistics reporting, and a whole host of awesome features we’re working on.

    Swype Connect and the Living Keyboard
    Today, Connect delivers automatic updates and language downloads. In the future Connect will be the backbone of your living keyboard. Backups, slipups, hello kitty themes, bacon teleportation—Connect is how we will make this happen.

    For licensing we collect very basic information such as make, mode, screen resolution, cellular ESN, etc and most importantly Swype version to identify the device. This helps us identify your version of Swype and your device, so we know when you need updates, what languages work with your build, and what additional connected features are compatible with your device.

    Statistics and Usage Data
    We are in the never-ending process of making our product better. The Swype Beta is our massive usability study. How fast do you type? Do you ever use dictation? How about gestures – have you figured those out yet? What words do we have trouble predicting? Do less accurate trace paths still give you the words you want? This information helps us build you a better keyboard. We ask that as members of our Beta trial, you consent to sharing this usage data. On first launch of the keyboard, you will have the option to "Accept" or not. You can always opt-out (or opt-in!) later in Swype Settings in the Swype Connect section.

    You have the control!
    By default you are opted-out. On first launch of the Beta, you will be asked to opt-in to data collection. You can change this behavior at any time in Swype Settings > Swype Connect > Contribute usage data.

    Will you share my data with 3rd parties?
    No. We will never share data with a 3rd party unless required by law.

    Do you link usage data back to me personally?
    No. Swype usage data is kept anonymous and separate from registration data (email address).

    How about data usage?
    Swype Connect Language Downloads and OTA updates work over 3G/4G by default. Swype Statistics and Usage Data information only transmits when Wi-Fi is active. You can limit all Swype Connect features to Wifi in Swype Settings > Swype Connect.
    We take your privacy very seriously!
    Please feel free to review our privacy policy at any time to see details regarding Nuance, Swype, and your privacy.
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