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Thread: Make this website mobile-friendly

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    Make this website mobile-friendly

    Okay, so this isn't strictly a suggestion for the Android app, but I don't know where else to put it. You'd think a company that makes a mobile keyboard would make a mobile-friendly website, but this one's bad even when compared to other desktop websites. When typing/editing on an Android, the words don't even wrap, and sometimes the cursor and the last word moves out of view. Everything I've written so far appears on *one* line, which makes typing/editing very difficult. (I realize the words will wrap once I submit the post, but that doesn't help when writing/editing.) This is really frustrating when you don't have access to a computer.
    [Edit: I just switched to my desktop computer. I was hoping/expecting that the lack of word wrapping was just a bug on my phone, but it's the same on my computer. Wtf? If this is intentional, why?]
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