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Thread: How can 2012 be the last year of any action on the "Requsts" forum????

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    How can 2012 be the last year of any action on the "Requsts" forum????

    It's not. Delete this. I tried. Can't. Du-uhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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    What is going on?? I can't upload file, I am in no groups, can't start thread...

    I feel like an imbecile but NOTHING I try works.

    This isn't a new thread. How do I start a new one? I need to know what the heck to do to upload a .gif, among other things.

    I'm replying to a thread that , supposedly, is one I STARTED, but I was replying to a post in "Feature Requests". Does doing that start a NEW thread??0

    Are Swype forums dead??

    "Contact us" is b0asically disabled--msg says email turned off.

    How do I attach a file (.gif) to a message? I've tried on this one. Can't.
    I click (1) "Manage Attachments", (2) "Add files", (3) "Choose file" (from a folder on my PC), (I see my file name in box after "Choose file"), (4) "Upload file"... NOTHING uploaded.

    At one point when trying to upload a .gif, I was told "dimensions exceed max"; another time "file size too large"; other times, absolutely nothing. No msg, no upload. I tried giving URL to a file on my Google Drive, including a short URL--"invalid file".

    I am free to join two groups: SUSPENDED and BETA TESTERS, with permission. Who'd want to join SUSPENDED? AM I SUSPENDED?? How would I know?

    I feel like an outside trying to break in. I'm a member of no groups and can't join any since none are displayed.

    At this point I wonder WHY I've kept trying FOR AN HOUR to upload the .gif and start a new thread.

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