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Thread: Still getting auto double words in some compose Boxes, or chat boxes.

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    Unhappy Still getting auto double words in some compose Boxes, or chat boxes.

    Thank you, thank you, so very much for bringing back the slide above the keyboard to capitalize. I actually stopped using SWYPE after this function just disappeared during a past update. I have been a user for over 6 years.

    However, I am still have the problem swiping a word out in some chat boxes where it duplicates the prior word. But, not everywhere. When I play Spades Plus, my most favorite game, it does it. I type the word 'thing', and swipe to make the next word 'is'. It comes out as
    'thingthing' ; the 'is' is not typed out. The spacing as shown is correct. No space. In Android Central, where I am doing now is in composing a 'New' topic. It doesn't happen here. But....if I go to the Forums, and use the simple 'Post a reply' section, it does happen there!?! Weird. It does not happen here, typing in Chrome browser.

    I am also noticing some long press word selection issues. It is sometimes mildly sporadic, or not working right where I am swiping right now in Chrome.

    This behavior started after the long ago,prior update. Before that, it was was fine.

    SWYPE had the keyboard swiping accuracy, but I am noticing out missing quite a few words as I type. But it's a new fresh install, new update. Maybe out had to learn again.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

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    Still doing double word entry; noticing other quirks

    Update: Still doing the word double word in chat boxes. Also, it does not auto space when typing in a url in Chrome. I have also noticed that the word suggestion line is blank when typing in some of these save chat boxes, which give me the double word entries. This did the same behavior in the prior version of SWYPE as well. Curious.

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