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Thread: Still getting auto double words in some compose Boxes, or chat boxes.

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    Unhappy Still getting auto double words in some compose Boxes, or chat boxes.

    Thank you, thank you, so very much for bringing back the slide above the keyboard to capitalize. I actually stopped using SWYPE after this function just disappeared during a past update. I have been a user for over 6 years.

    However, I am still have the problem swiping a word out in some chat boxes where it duplicates the prior word. But, not everywhere. When I play Spades Plus, my most favorite game, it does it. I type the word 'thing', and swipe to make the next word 'is'. It comes out as
    'thingthing' ; the 'is' is not typed out. The spacing as shown is correct. No space. In Android Central, where I am doing now is in composing a 'New' topic. It doesn't happen here. But....if I go to the Forums, and use the simple 'Post a reply' section, it does happen there!?! Weird. It does not happen here, typing in Chrome browser.

    I am also noticing some long press word selection issues. It is sometimes mildly sporadic, or not working right where I am swiping right now in Chrome.

    This behavior started after the long ago,prior update. Before that, it was was fine.

    SWYPE had the keyboard swiping accuracy, but I am noticing out missing quite a few words as I type. But it's a new fresh install, new update. Maybe out had to learn again.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

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