I have had the paid Play Store version of the keyboard for years and what I love about it is that I can sync it across any device and have all my favorite words and phrases instantly without having to teach the keyboard over again. I bought a Huawei y6 yesterday that came with "Huawei" Swype pre-installed on the phone and when I hit the sync feature I realized that it didn't import all my data from the Play Store version. I went to the Play Store and it gave me the option to install that version so I realized that they are two separate keyboards. I really don't want to have to re-teach the Huawei version all over again, but I also think it's a bit silly to have two versions of Swype installed just to get my dictionary back. So basically my question is there any way I can get the Huawei Swype version of the keyboard that came with the phone to sync the data of the Play Store version of Swype??