Hey guys,

Found a really annoying autospace bug.

After swyping a word, I use the keyboard shortcut to open the number pad (Swype key -> 5). Then I'll proceed to typing a few numbers.

For years, the keyboard would know to put a space between the swyped word and the numbers I typed (e.g. Hello 1234).

However, for the past few updates, the keyboard doesn't trigger the autospace (e.g. Hello1234), forcing me to try to perfectly place the cursor in between the word & number and put a space myself or to delete the combination altogether and swype the word, press space, use the keyboard shortcut, and then type the number. (either way, really makes swyping coherently a pain)

Autospace is working fine in all other respects. I'm using Swype on a Google Pixel (7.1.2) and a Samsung Galaxy S8 (7.0). Both are on Version

You guys honestly have a great product, and I hope you guys can fix these problems and keep up the good work.