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Thread: Swype 3.1 - have any bugs been fixed

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    Swype 3.1 - have any bugs been fixed

    Swype 3.1 was pushed to my device overnight. I can't tell if any bugs have been fixed. There are no release notes on the swype website. This is listed on the playstore

    NEW IN 3.1:
    Hindi Transliteration Swype now supports Hindi input using an English keyboard.
    Language and Keyboard Updates Tatar Cyrillic, Tibetan, and Enhanced Sanskrit.

    Anybody have any feedback?

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    I just had a short look at my friends tablet where the 3.1 was updated, but I don't see any bug fix
    That why I stay on 2.2.3 as long as till that Swype 3.x works as good as this.
    With a long buggy Swype update history I witnessed, I doubt that this will happen soon.

    I protect myself against these Swype nonbugfix-updates in Google Play with a Profile in Tasker.
    Works well.
    The 2.2.3 is not bugfree, especially the german dictionary is crappy, but has much less bugs than the 3.x since yet.
    I even had the impression that the recognition became worse in 3.x which is the very main reason for the Swype Keyboard.
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    Nuance-Swype Version: 2.2.3 (update-fixed with a Tasker Profile) on SGS4 with CM13

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    I logged a ticket with swype support:
    I've been a use of Swype for many years and from 3.0.2 had to stop using it as it became so buggy. All of these are detailed on the forum, where there seems to be no input from Swype staff at all. I've seen one 'please tell us how to recreate the bug' when the post clearly already stated how to recreate the bug.
    So, 3.1 is released. Of these bugs, how many are fixed?
    There are some new features on the swype page in the playstore which doesn't list the bugs fixed. Other than that - nothing. There are no detailed release notes in your own announcements section.
    The question is - do you want us all to stop using it?
    If not, then please start providing support. Starting with being active in your own forum

    They wrote back:
    Thank you for contacting Nuance Mobility.
    We are sorry to hear if you are encountering issues using Swype. For us to be able to address this concern, can you please explain what bugs are you referring to? Also, can you please report us back your device make and model as well as your OS version.
    We will appreciate your cooperation on this matter.

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    No responses or even acknowledgement that the Swype support staff has looked at the bugs I reported. Pretty damn disappointing.

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