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Thread: Bring back v2

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    Unhappy Bring back v2

    For us paid users, please give us back version 2.2.3. I'd even pay you again if you do that. The new version has atrocious accuracy, and removes several unique features that made me buy Swype in the first place.

    As it is, I've switched to another app, and uninstalled Swype. I was so desperate, I even downloaded a trial app and used it, till it expired after 3 days.

    If you want to build a gboard clone, why won't people just stay with the original? I don't get this self - crippling. It's almost like you got taken over by a competitor.

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    Every time Swype updates, I have LESS features than before updating. First I lost the quick-caps by swiping up, then the suggestion for autocorrecting what autocorrect corrected wrong, then selecting a word and trying to delete it instead deletes the character before the selection, and with today's update now I can't swipe-shift to select capitalization (apparently this one is an unintended bug) or tap the Swype button to select a word. I guess I'm going to do as FrancWalter and you suggest and install 2.2.3 instead until all those glitches are fixed.

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