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Thread: Bring back v2

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    Unhappy Bring back v2

    For us paid users, please give us back version 2.2.3. I'd even pay you again if you do that. The new version has atrocious accuracy, and removes several unique features that made me buy Swype in the first place.

    As it is, I've switched to another app, and uninstalled Swype. I was so desperate, I even downloaded a trial app and used it, till it expired after 3 days.

    If you want to build a gboard clone, why won't people just stay with the original? I don't get this self - crippling. It's almost like you got taken over by a competitor.

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    Every time Swype updates, I have LESS features than before updating. First I lost the quick-caps by swiping up, then the suggestion for autocorrecting what autocorrect corrected wrong, then selecting a word and trying to delete it instead deletes the character before the selection, and with today's update now I can't swipe-shift to select capitalization (apparently this one is an unintended bug) or tap the Swype button to select a word. I guess I'm going to do as FrancWalter and you suggest and install 2.2.3 instead until all those glitches are fixed.

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    3.2 is horrible; 2.2.3 is much better

    I totally agree. The proper names ruin what used to be a great experience. I used to marvel at the programming skill that could let me quickly and sloppily swipe "my word", missing half the letters, yet get my word so often.

    If Swype did NOT get my word, it would USUALLY show up in the "close match area". This happened way too often to be believable, yet it happened.

    Not so with version 3. So I have just uninstalled 3.2. Using the same swiping technique as with 2.2.3, I get "my" word about half the time. More like 85% in 2.2.3.

    I found a link to the file named «Swype2.2.3.apk» in this forum but don't recall the thread. In any event, version 3 simply does NOT WORK AS WELL AS 2.2.3. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

    I have been typing this message with 2.2.3. WONDERFUL. Like old times. Proper names show up, but the close match row generally has my word.

    However, when I try to type "a", the close matches area contains all letters near "a" and almost always I get "s", as with 3.2. Why would anyone think THAT is a good idea?

    Worse, you can't get an independent row of numbers, but there are installable keyboards inside the file with the digits being superscripts of qwertyuiop. I want a dedicated number row, but I will live with this since 3.2 is so bad.

    I'd forgotten how I'd almost always blame myself when I didn't get my word. That's how good Swype used to be.

    With 3.2, so danged many ridiculous words and non-words are inserted that I KNOW it can't be me. And the longer I use 2.2.3, I realize it's NOT ME making all those errors in 3.2--IT'S SWYPE!

    I'm not going to reinstall 3.x for any value of x. Maybe 4.x, in about 2020.

    P.S. As I was typing something else, I noticed that I was having to retype words very, very often. I wondered if it was me.

    3.2 HAD AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADED OVERNIGHT. AGAIN, 3.2 WAS THE CULPRIT, NOT ME!! 3.2 MUST BE REVISED TO INTERPRET SWIPE PATHS AS IT DID IN 2.2.3. If the problem arose when trying to help users of other languages with swiping problems, MAKE DIFFERENT VERSIONS FOR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. You've RUINED Swype.

    Dave Slomer

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