Use Spanish Sports Vocabulary to get a Classroom Quiz
Teaching specialized vocabulary in Spanish is a great way to add variety towards the lesson plan. This article provides a specialized Spanish vocabulary word list of sports and related terms (events, participants, venues, and sports equipment), and also a downloadable matching quiz.
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This list can be used in the exercises suggested in the Bright Hub articles on Spanish medical vocabulary building (Parts 1 and a couple of). Specifically:
♦ Dividing the course into three groups, having the students circulate and confer with other students, and completing the worksheet. (See the suggested classroom activities in Part 1 for additional information and materials.)
♦ Pairing off the students, assigning the right number of terms Nike TN Requin 2016 Femme from list 1, and asking the scholars to compose sentences using terms from each list. (See the suggested classroom activities in Part 2 for more information and examples.)
Consider adding a vocabulary matching quiz (depending on these terms) with a meilleures chaussures de running regularly scheduled quiz. (See the suggested matching quiz below.)
A downloadable version with the Spanish Sports vocabulary in the following paragraphs is available at Spanish Sports Vocabulary.
A downloadable version with the matching quiz is also available at Spanish Sports Vocabulary quiz.
Teaching Spanish Vocabulary: Professions

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