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Thread: Is Swype comatose?

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    Question Is Swype comatose?

    I use the swipe keyboard for the android specifically and would love to see it fully functional on the Apple iPhone.

    I really want to know whether it is still being developed or whether it's basically left in the low cost maintenance mode.

    1. My first priority is to have it over to Microsoft surface tablet so that that machine has usable on screen keyboard.

    2. My second priority is to find out whether it is being supported and if so for some more suggestions to make the keyboard on the android and the iPhone.

    If it's not being supported, except for bug fixes then I would like to investigate the possibility of kickstarting or subsidizing a pro version so that we could get some developers working back on the keyboard to make it even better and of course to move it over onto Microsoft surface tablet.

    I hope epitopic this form would be some response from the manufacturer to describe the current status of the keyboard, and if possible to suggest alternative ways to increase the effort being put into improving it .

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    I think that's a great idea. The only keyboard that comes close is Microsoft's SwiftKey, but the punctuation shortcuts are really awful. And it doesn't even add a space after the coma. I'm a developer, and I would love to help see that swype doesn't suffer the fate that the awesome "mailbox" did.

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    "Is Swype being supported"

    I hadn't looked at it that way. It sure looks like NOBODY will ever change Swype again. Too bad that didn't happen a couple of versions back, when it was by far the best out there, SO forgiving even if the Swype trail varied a LOT from the needed word.

    Swype had better do something, and soon. Surely somebody out there is working on a product to compete with Swype, because I HATE the latest versions of it, getting proper foreign names pasted in instead of, say, "checks".

    Surely Microsoft's SwiftKey unit is still developing new and improving old code and listening to users. Surely their programmers are as good as Swype's? How could Swype have cornered the market on shrewd Android programmers and then locked them in a cave?

    Swype used to be SO much better. Then came revisions THAT I DIDN'T ASK FOR OR NEED. THAT'S WHAT OPTIONS ARE FOR. Have these guys just forgotten how to please users? Or IS Swype indeed "comatose"?

    Is it the best thing out there?

    Sadly, yes.

    So where's the motivation to change?

    I don't get it.

    It could be wonderful instead of the least of several evils.

    Dave Slomer

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