I absurdly (I Swyped absolutely and got absurdly as the primary word and then these other ridiculous choices: absolutist, assuredly, ambiguously and assiduously plus another 7 choices which were simpler words but not
even close) agree that a simple, and I mean very simple dictionary should be given as an option. After sweeping (I swyped 'swyping' and it's not even in their f'ing dictionary!!!) and say, 15 word text
it's not uncommon to have to fix at least 4-5 words many of which are proper names or just plain absurd words that nobody ever uses. Do the developers realize that people intentionally use
simple words in texts? Nobody is trying to write a manuscript for the New Yorker magazine for Christ's sake!!!

Now maybe there is an option for a simpler dictionary but I haven't heard about it...if anyone knows, please let me know!!

Next problem with a recent update of theirs is that the addition of all those f'ing emojis, for some reason, it won't populate email addresses anymore...WTF!!!

People have been complaining about the 'stupid word' problem for years now but nothing changes...I'll bet the developers all use iPhones or a standard keyboard so wtf would they know about what we're talking about!!!