This character deserves better treatment from Swype!

1. Ampersand should be accessible by Swyping from D to the spacebar, just like most of the punctuation (semicolon should be added to that list as well!).

2. Ampersand should be automatically preceded by a space! (except in password input boxes and web browser address bars- which should disable spaces by default anyway)
Does anyone know of ANY instances in English that call for or allow an ampersand without a space before and after it? I don't believe any exist!
If there exist in English NO circumstances which do not call for a space on each side of an ampersand, why doesn't Swype insert them automatically just like it does in most other appropriate spots? This is ignorant and makes no sense.
Why hasn't this been fixed?!

If there are reservations or objections concerning the automatic formatting of ampersand (being surrounded by spaces), perhaps this behavior could be restricted to accessing ampersand by Swyping to the spacebar (from D). But when ampersand is accessed on the ?123 page or by long-pressing D no preceding space would be inserted. While I do not agree with this behavior since there don't seem to be any valid reasons/situations that use ampersand without a preceding space, it does provide a potential solution to satisfy both options.