In general I appreciate the Swype keyboard.

However there is one issue: I have an english Android GUI but write occasionally text in german with german special chars (=umlaute).

I can access these umlaute by long tapping on certain keys.
Unfortunately these umlaute are NOT directly above the current key but need some extra finger movements which is pretty error-prone.

When I look at the Google keyboard (GBoard) then these umlaute-chars are DIRECTLY above the corresponding key.

Have a look at the following snapshot of GBoard:

So I wonder whether I could switch to another Swype keyboard-sublayout for the long-tap-panels.
Or - alternatively - redefine these long-tap-panels manually.

In this case I would replace for example the "britisch pound symbol " by "".

Is this somehow possible?

Or could this feature be offered in the next Swype version?