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Thread: French spacing of punctuation marks worse since 3.0.2

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    French spacing of punctuation marks worse since 3.0.2


    There is a massive problem with French punctuation since the last update: in French, there is a space before : ! ? ; and it has become very hard inserting it, because Swype is removing the additional space I used to insert.

    Normally, in French you need to write :

    Bonjour !
    Pourquoi ?
    exemple ;
    exemple :

    Before, I would, for instance, type Bonjour , then a space, and then swype from ! to the space key. And it worked. It wrote Bonjour ! .

    Now, the software "corrects" it : Bonjour! . Which is wrong.

    Ideally, swype should, in French, put the spaces before ?!:; and at least not be "correcting" my efforts to get the spacing right.

    Please either revert back to the old setting (possibility to add a space manually before) or better add the space automatically.

    Best regards

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    Swype keeps concatenating words in English when I don't want it too. Rather puzzling.

    Swyped from my LG G4 with Tapatalk 4.5.2

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    Still the same issue on 3.04. Very annoying. Have a great day, looking forward to a fix!

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    Desperately looking for an alternative, I found that gboard isn't as nice as Swype in many regards, but at the moment, it's more accurate and it manages the spacing correctly in French. Also tried SwiftKey, and wasn't satisfied with the spacing.

    Dear Swype-team, please have a look at all the terrible reviews in the play stores (the French, the German...) and get Swype back on track.

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