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Thread: 3.0.2 words don't come anywhere close to what I wanted, huge delay in backspacing

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    Jan 2013

    3.0.2 words don't come anywhere close to what I wanted, huge delay in backspacing

    I updated and since the update half the words I swype are way off and when I try to delete the word I have to hold the backspace key for over a second to delete them

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    I completely agree. I second this. Please fix.

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    Same issues here. Accuracy is greatly reduced and backspace key has huge delay. I have set key press delay to the shortest possible time (250ms I believe)

    This needs to be urgently fixed as the current version is almost unusable as it's now far slower and less accurate to use than Swiftkey or even Google keyboard.

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    Same here!

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    I haven't noticed the backspace problem, but I agree that the overall accuracy when swiping seems to have dropped significantly with the latest update. I wish I could downgrade, but I don't have a backup of the previous version.

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    Seems like the visual keys don't quite line up with the actual keys. I'll Swype to the middle of a character and get the one above it.

    Swyped from my LG G4 with Tapatalk 4.5.2

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    I have the same issue and have downgraded to 2.2.3 until this is fixed.

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    I have the same issue and I am hoping that this will be fixed very soon. It used to be a really great keyboard but now it became unusable.

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    Same exact issues: laggy recognition, less accurate predictions, and Long Press Delay seems to no longer affect the Delete key. Fixed the lag by turning off the Emoji Choice List, but the other two problems still persist.

    Swype, please help! For me, your keyboard is the fastest and most consistent keyboard out there and there was no one else who could compare... until now. This last update has wrecked the complete flow of typing and forces people to Swype at a different speed than they'd like... which is being dictated by how slow deleting words is compared to swyping words.

    Coincidentally, the update also makes the keyboard less accurate, which magnifies the slow pace of deleting words. Please revert things back to the way they were before update I am using a Samsung S7 Edge.

    Thanks in advance

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    Experiencing identical problems here on a One Plus. Mostly, it's giving me words I need to look in the dictionary for. Give me a break.

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