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Thread: Accuracy

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    Is there a way to improve the accuracy? This app is terrible in that respect. I spend more time correcting mistakes than anything.love the idea though if it was at all accurate

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    yes I agree, the accuracy is from bad to worst. it also keep mistake in word like - before, picture and so on.. I slow down the speed to swype but still the same, so frustrated.

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    I agree, since the new update, the accuracy has declined substantially.

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    I 100% agree! it became almost unusable

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    The touch overlay seems to be slightly off from the visual display. But it works fine for me.

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    I think, or am sure of it, that someone is paying these guys off to deliberately push significantly inferior updates to Play Store. The latest version is beyond terrible. God I am so happy that before this new series of updates I had the last known stable version uploaded to my G-Drive.

    Seriously guys, **** OFF.
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