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Thread: Swype 3.0.2 - Keyboard doesn't pop up full (only suggestion bar)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CBoudreaux View Post
    Can you tell us if this is supposed to be a feature or if this is a bug.
    Basically sometimes the keyboard isn't displayed, only the prediction words and emojis.
    Is that EVER supposed to happen?
    No that should not happen this can potentially be a bug if you provide some steps we can provide a fix

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    It happens randomly on my Nexus 6P so there are no steps to provide. For me it was also on 7.1.1 as well as the latest 7.1.2.

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    Do you still support this product? I've not received any response to my emails on this issue.
    This happens randomly on any application with text entry, is very aggravating.

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