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Thread: Swype Up to Capitalize Words On-the-fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by baj2884 View Post
    I also miss this feature dearly. What's the easiest way to revert to the old version. Uninstall and install old apk?
    See above for the link.
    Yes you need to uninstall
    Nuance-Swype Version: 3.0.2 on SGS4 with CM13

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    In order to have the attention of Swype/Nuance, we have to take action: give the app lowest rating in Google Play!

    Unfortunately, that is the only way I can think of that may actually make them fix these bogus issues.

    Many of us have received responses from Swype saying that their developers have been working on the issue. But with the latest update (3.0.4), none were fixed. Bad! Sad!

    WhatsApp had to bring back the simple "status" update after getting hit with low ratings on Google Play. Let's do the same here :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by francwalter View Post
    I am pessimistic about that done soon
    The past had shown that.

    I have now the problem that in Google play always that Swype 3.0.2 update appears and I cannot just press update all when there are other updates in Google play. So I signed the 2.2.3 with "ZipSigner" app, with an own key, which normally makes that app disappear the Google play update list. But Swype is "special", and the Swype apk signed with non Swype key makes it crash all the time
    Somebody knows about that and how to fix it?
    Titanium backup should be able to detach it from Market, though I am not sure if that capability involves either the pro version of the software, or having your phone rooted...

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    Yes, the current version of Swype is badly broken, and users who want to swipe up to capitalise are recommended to revert to version 2.X.

    If you do this, you will want to prevent automatic updating of the app. It is easy enough to do this. Just find Swype in My Apps on the Google Play Store, hit the three dots menu icon in the top right hand corner, and untick auto update.

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    Swyping up to capitalize was the best feature. My iPhone friends were jealous. This is the sole reason I created this amount to plead for its return. BRING IT BACK!

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