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Thread: Swype Up to Capitalize Words On-the-fly

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    This is the feature that keeps me using Swype. I hope they fix this soon.

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    Exclamation Pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

    Bring back this feature! As was mentioned above, even if it's an "Enable/Disable" setting. This is (was) such a great feature, I don't understand why it went away.

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    Same issue!

    I joined this forum for this very problem, glad to see I am not the only one with the issue. I've been a long time Swype user so to have something that "once was," namely the ability to capitalize by swiping above the keyboard, now disappear is a major inconvenience. Those of us accustomed to using this feature are "trained" to this method of capitalization and it sucks having it suddenly removed. Fixes welcome, PLEASE!!

    Samsung S7
    Android 6.0.1

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    Just registered to report this same thing. Dangit.

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    Yeah, it's mentioned in the documentation only in one place. But if you go to the app's help, it's no longer there (can't remember if it ever was mentioned there!).

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    I received a response from Swype on the case that I opened on this issue, they said that they will include the issue in their report to the developers.

    Hope to see this feature (caps-on-fly) brought back, as well as the option to show "secondary characters" along with the dedicated number row.
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    I received a good response back from Nuance Mobility Support today. Hopefully, they figure this out soon!

    "Thank you for contacting us.

    We're sorry that you are experiencing this unexpected behavior from the app.

    For the Android version of Swype, we are experiencing the same issue of not having the capitalization gesture when we try the app with our test devices here. I will be forwarding an issue report to our developers so that they may look into this and hopefully have something to address as soon as possible.

    Your feedback is duly noted and well-appreciated. Hopefully, the number row and capitalization gesture can both co-exist within the app, as this would be the best solution, at least in my opinion.

    Please provide the make and model of your device, the OS version, and the Swype version currently installed, for investigation purposes.

    Nuance Mobility Support"

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    Looks like Swype is taking these feedback messages seriously. I cannot imagine myself using any keyboard other than Swype!

    What would be an icing on the cake is to have the number row, the caps-on-the-fly, and the secondary characters all co-exist :-)

    (Some wishful thinking here, but hopefully they do it).

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    oh am I glad to see this thread! i'm generally leery about updating anything, but jumped on this Swype update only to have caps broken. doh! here's to hoping it's remedied soon.

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    Same here. Reported both the swype up for caps and the lack of secondary characters when the number row is enabled.
    They said they're looking into both of them, and that they "can't" roll back a release. Not sure why...


    LG G4
    Android 6.0
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