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Thread: Swype Up to Capitalize Words On-the-fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by mytemp View Post
    I have been noticing an increase in the number of one-star (*) ratings on Swype's Google Play. I think one effective way to get Swype developer's attention and have them work on enhancing this caps-on-the-fly feature and bringing it back is to rate the app with a single start!

    I cannot think of any other way.

    Many of us have been emailing Swype support and some of us received a canned responses, and some received a response saying that it was an intentional decision to remove this feature.

    My two cents.
    Sounds like a plan!

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    It's fixed!

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    Only capitalization of the first letter is working again. Not the WHOLE word.

    Before it was possible to set a word to all CAPITALS by swiping after the first letter up out the keyboard and swipe there a circle (not just leaving the keyboard on the upper side) and then the rest of the word. This doesn't work anymore.

    But this is not a big deal, rarely used by me and there still is the way to swipe from Swype key to shift key, after the word is composed.
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