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Thread: Swype Up to Capitalize Words On-the-fly

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    Swype Up to Capitalize Words On-the-fly

    In the latest version, the ability to Swype up into the message space to cap at word as you go is not working properly. I know that I can finish the word, come back and tap the word, swype from Swype button to cap/up arrow button, then select the capitalization I want. But the Swyping up into message during initial entry was so much more convenient and many fewer steps. Any ideas? I did uninstall and reinstall. Still broken.

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    I am having the same issue too - swyping up into message space to capitalize doesn't work anymore. I am using the latest version of Swype ( Same issue in Android 7.1.1 & older version of the OS (Android 6.0.1).

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    Same problem here. This morning's update broke it.

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    This great feature never worked in iOS. And, as you all encountered, it is gone from the latest Android update. I have opened a case with Swype and I can only hope that this issue was an error, and not an intentional removal of the feature :-(

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    Keep us posted please, mytemp! ��

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    Same problem here. I saw this old iOS thread where it was disabled because it was confusing - please at least give us the option to turn it on, even if it's off by default. I've been using this gesture for years and change is hard

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    Yes, _please_ put this back. This feature is one of the major reasons I use Swype rather than SwiftKey - it's so awkward to have to tap the caps key before swiping a word. Please put it back. If adding a number row broke it, then it should still work if I don't turn the number row on (and I haven't and don't want to).

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    We definitely need as many people voicing their concerns about the removal of this feature. I worry that they just have removed it based on feedback from other uses, as it happened with iOS (see http://forum.swype.com/showthread.ph...-Update-in-iOS).

    All what we are asking is give an option to enable/disable cap-on-fly. PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE :-)

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    I noticed this right away as well. If they removed it on purpose, they didn't do a very good job, since it's still mentioned in the documentation. Sad!

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    If you want to complain directly to Swype about this, the place to submit a request is https://nuancemobility.zendesk.com/h...s/requests/new .

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